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Making of a Violin

This section of the site contains a visual diary of my violin making process. Click on the images for more detail.

back uncut

Starting Off
Beginning with a beautiful piece of maple back ready for shaping.

Ribs before cutting
Here is a wedge of wood cut from the back. It will be sliced into strips for the ribs or sides of the violin.

back rough

Back roughly cut
The wedge from which the ribs will be cut, has been removed from the back, and the basic shape of the violin begins to appear.

Violin Top Joined
Book matched wedges of spruce joined for top

Ready for purfling
Here the top and back have the purfling groove cut, and ready for fitting of the purfling.

fitting of purfling
Lengths of purfling being cut and fitted into the groove

Purfling fitted!
Purfling glued into groove and trimmed down.

Bass bar and f holes
Bass bar fitted, after the f holes were cut in the top

Body ready for closing
The back is glued to the ribcage, and the top is ready to close the sound box, but first--!

Don't forget the label!

Scroll carving
Scroll being carved out from maple neck block

Shaping of the neck
Shaping of the neck before fitting to violin body.

Fingerboard shaped and fitted, neck glued to body.

Violin in the white
At last, ready for varnishing.